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"I had the good fortune to have Marc represent me during my interim suspension hearing.
I feel so fortunate to have engaged him.

His sound advice, patience and calm, caring manner reassured me greatly during what could have been a very stressful process.

I was terrified when I received the notice from Social Work England with just over a week's notice.
Even though he had very little time to prepare, (he was on a four day hearing at the time) he stepped up to the plate, prepared my submissions and successfully represented me.

Social Work England wanted to suspend me for eighteen months and I feared the worst.
In the end the judgment I received was that I was deemed fit to work with certain conditions imposed for a three month period.
I couldn't believe what Marc had achieved for me.

I believe that Marc has the passion and commitment to help people like me. It's not about money for Marc (his costs are much lower than a big firm with several corporate faces).
Marc's face is the one you deal with from start to finish.

I believe that there is no one better - not just his knowledge, expertise in dealing with Social Work England but his kindness, empathy and compassion and genuine willingness to help people like me; a vulnerable, anxious social worker frightened and traumatised by the whole interim order experience."
L.M., London, Dec 2020


"I can't thanks enough to Mr Marc Walker who helped me through a long and stressful process which lasted 3 years after I have been referred to NMC. His professionalism, attitude and advice​ helped me regain my PIN back without no condition of practice or any other restrictions.  I would gladly recommend Mr Walker to anyone who need help through the stressful times of their professional careers."

C.M., Berks, Oct 2020


"I had seen What Rights during a search after I had been referred to my professional body by a claimant's representative. Despite full support from my manager and clinical leads, I felt completely alone and convinced myself that no one would be able to support me legally due to my role as a Disability Analyst / PIP Assessor being too 'niche'. As such, I initially tried to manage the response to the allegations myself.  However, on reflection it became clear that I had spent too long trying to defend my integrity which is obviously bound up in emotion, and in desperation decided to ring Marc for advice. He has a lovely calm and reassuring manner, is very professional and conscientious and regardless of my role related concerns, he was extremely quick to grasp the key issues. He was able to formulate a strategy and submit a robust and succinct response. The decision taken by the case examiners was no case to answer and no further action to be taken. I felt relief, trust and in safe hands from the moment we spoke until the outcome was reached and my only regret is that I delayed contacting him at the outset as it may not have reached the stage it did had I done so earlier. I cannot recommend Marc highly enough to anyone, regardless of their scope of professional practice within health and social care." 

S.M., Greater Manchester, September 2020 


"I would like to express my profound gratitude and gigantic thank you to Mr. Marc Walker who have helped me during my HCPC proceedings. From the moment I received an investigation letter from the hospital I am working, I browsed the internet and I found What Rights website. I immediately contacted Mr. Walker through his online query form and he immediately responded. I did not sought further advise from Mr. Walker at that point as I thought the allegations in the hospital would not reach the HCPC. I was so wrong that I did not use the service of Mr. Walker at the very beginning. But when the hospital has referred my case to the HCPC, I contacted Mr. Walker to get advise etc etc. He was so brilliant, compassionate, very calm, and very professional. Mr. Walker is not just professional but very flexible with regards to his professional fee. I can not fault Mr. Walker’s professionalism at all. Although at first, I had doubts as I never see him. We contacted each other mostly on email conversation. But from the moment he received my instructions and all the documents, Mr Walker advised me that I will be alright. I was so relieved. During the process of the HCPTS proceedings, I can not explain how brilliant Mr Walker is. It may have been extended the process due to CoronaVirus pandemic, but the result was very good. I did not receive any restriction onto my registration but a caution order which I believe it is fair enough. To those who have trouble out there, please don’t do it alone. Seek advice as early as you can. I highly recommend What Rights and Mr. Walker will help you. Again, thank you ever so much Mr. Walker you are a blessing to me and my family. God bless you Sir."
W.F., Cambs, Aug 2020



"I contacted What Rights shortly after receiving my FTP allegation from the HCPC. Marc was timely in his response to my initial questions. Additionally, he was the only one that provided a quote based on the evidence bundle that came with the allegation which I felt was fair. 
During the process Marc has always responded to my queries and concerns in a prompt manner. This level of communication proved absolutely vital to me when going through my FTP allegation, as I found his understanding of the process and reassurance throughout enormously comforting. 
The level of detail Marc was able to obtain from the evidence bundle provided by the HCPC was implausible. He combined this with additional supporting documents acquired to support my case allowing him to draft a remarkable response on my behalf. Not only was this faultless, it provided me with the confidence that I had done absolutely everything I could to fight my corner, as I do not believe a better response could have been written by anyone else. 
Despite allowing ten working days, I received the outcome of my panel meeting within two. No case to answer. I can only express my unconditional gratitude to Marc for his hard work and efforts in enabling me to get the right result, continuing my career as a paramedic."
Thank you.
S.N., Suffolk, Aug 2020"


"I was devastated to have been referred to the NMC for a fitness to practise hearing in April this year. I felt out of my depth, anxious, terrified about how I would handle and manage the investigation, what would happen to me, Nursing was my life, what I’d always wanted, the prospect of losing this had a profound effect on me emotionally and physically, during an already very difficult time in my life. I was given the contact details of Marc Walker. I brushed them aside, had resigned myself to never being a nurse again, defeated, felt hopeless. I had already learned that my case was serious; indeed it was highly likely I would be suspended, so was at a low ebb at that point. I was lucky enough to have a loved one make contact with Marc on my behalf. He passed me the telephone; asking me to speak to Marc, in my pitiful tearful state at the time. Taking that telephone call however proved to be one of the best choices I have ever taken, up there with my decision to become a Nurse 22 years ago. 
Marc put me at ease from the moment I had that conversation about my referral. He set to work very quickly; I had given him little time to work with, a matter of days until the hearing in actual fact. This didn’t deter him. He was Calm, determined, Professional from the outset. Despite being dedicated to collecting and reviewing information, preparing my case, liaising with NMC on my behalf, all these things I know he spent very long days doing so, he was kind, supportive, reassuring, understanding. 
We faced the hearing together. Marc fought my case respectfully, he was professional, dynamic, cool and collected, Marc is clearly a very clever man, really knew his stuff! It was clearly apparent that Marc had already forged respectful, professional relationships with the NMC panel members, having fought many cases over the years. His warmth and understanding shone throughout the hearing, putting me at ease. 
I was overjoyed to hear of the NMC’s decision to allow me to remain on the register. I am now delighted to be back within the Nursing profession. I would not have been in this fortunate position, if I had chosen to attend NMC hearing without Marcs representation. For that I am truly grateful. 
Any Nurse facing an NMC hearing will be naturally terrified, ashamed, a failure, the prospect of losing their much loved profession, alongside their livelihood, their home, the ability to  support their children, families and loved ones financially. I cannot express enough how having Marc with you on this daunting journey will make an incredible difference for not only the best possible chance of retaining your profession, but in supporting you emotionally and practically through this process. Experiencing this without Marc is not an option in my opinion. Thank you Marc, you are a credit to your profession."
S.K., Wilts, July 2020


"I would like to thank you for your support through this process. Your timely responses and support via email has without doubt been a comfort through a stressful period. So again thank you for your professional support in helping win my case. I will certainly be recommending you in the future for anyone I know." 

A.R., Scotland, July 2020


"From the moment I contacted What Rights and spoke to Marc Walker I felt a sense of relief. He took over all communication with the HCPC and gave me sound and clear advice. SWE decided there was no need for an investigation and I was deemed fit to practise. I cannot recommend What Rights strongly enough. Marc is a brilliant legal professional and the person to have on your side." 

L.L., Norfolk, June 2020


"I certainly cannot recommend Marc highly enough. he represented me at an interim order hearing in April 2019 in which it was found there was no case to answer and also at a final hearing in December 2019. his professionalism and understanding of my situation were second to none and and i would urge anybody in a similar situation to contact him before you do or say anything else, you will not be disappointed!"

J.H., London, January 2020


"I received a criminal conviction after going through a tough period in my personal life. I thought I would be struck off the NMC register and so I almost made the decision to voluntarily remove myself and give up my career prematurely. However an internet search for an NMC solicitor lead me to Marc where I was impressed with the online testimonials and his professional profile. After speaking directly to Marc on the telephone I immediately asked him to manage my case due to his knowledge regarding NMC proceedings, his non-judgement professional approach and his calm trusting manner. I received clear advice and instruction from the outset and Marc was always available to contact, when I was having a crisis and even during his annual leave. The result was a caution order which was an excellent outcome in relation to the more serious NMC sanctions which could have potentially been imposed.
I didn’t have to attend a hearing or even speak to the NMC directly as Marc managed everything from start to finish. I am so relieved to put the whole ordeal behind me and continue to practice as a nurse, which at one stage I didn’t think I would be able to do again. I would highly recommend Marc to any registered nurse who finds themselves in the daunting and frightening situation of an NMC investigation."

S.N., Derbyshire, Jan 2020


"I would like to take this opportunity once again to express my profound appreciation for your expertise and professionalism whilst representing me at the HCPC.  You were thorough, knowledgeable  and supportive throughout the process. The case closing with no restrictions to [my] practice exceeded my expectations.  I would highly recommend you to anyone in a similar situation."

F.M., W Yorks, Dec 2019


"Marc was able to assist me in preparing a response to an HCPC investigation at very short notice. Even out of office hours he would respond quickly which made a very anxious period much easier to deal with. Marc clearly has a lot of experience in dealing with Fitness to Practice issues and his advice was of great value to me. For nurses and paramedics on modest salaries, legal costs can be very difficult to meet. Marc's fee was significantly less than other quotes I had obtained."

L.P., Essex, Dec 2019


"Huge thank you to Marc having recently represented me at a HCPC final hearing. Marc was instrumental in supporting me through the process both in preparing for the hearing and during the process - he was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions whilst also helping to manage my anxieties about the process.

Marc's representation was excellent throughout and due to this we were able to complete the process with the least restrictive sanction and so I am still able to continue working - something I very much believed would not be possible initially.

As has been suggested in an earlier comment Marc is also very affordable in contrast to other legal firms which operate in the area who had quoted almost 2/3 of an annual salary for the hearing!

Marc was instrumental in my own process and would highly recommend him to others who need support!"
K.R., Suffolk, Dec 2019


"I had been dismissed by the local authority (on grounds I disputed), when I told them that I had been referred to hcpc by the previous work place where I worked as an agency worker. I was feeling extremely low and depressed having been sacked. Unfortunately, the experiences of the three BASW union representatives I had been were so disappointing, I was feeling completely disillusioned. I was really terrified about the hcpc hearing and the way the three BASW rep had misguided and worked against me, I was distrustful of them. The first BASW rep misguided me advising that the case with hcpc did not hold much weight. He maintained until the probationary hearing with the second employer that I would not be sacked as the “local authority had not fulfilled their obligations” and “not followed the process”. In fact, he hadn’t done his work. At the hearing, he sat with his head down and saw me distressed and weep, making no attempt to support me when the service manager was being extremely intimidating. The second BASW rep indicated that it was pointless to appeal as they “would close rank” and the decision would not be reversed. The third BASW rep advised me to accept interim suspension by hcpc because I was not planning on working in the immediate future.
It was at this stage when I was feeling battered and trodden upon that I saw Marc’s webpage. I saw the reviews before considering to take up his services. I was extremely wary before accepting Marc’s support, having been offered such substandard services by BASW. I spoke to Marc on the phone a few times to satisfy myself. I felt that in order to clear my name and to reclaim my professional position that is the only option I had. When I spoke to Marc on the phone and explained my situation, I felt reassured immediately. I felt so relieved having felt that someone was there sharing my burden. Marc immediately grasped the case and understood the complexity of the case and appeared to have a plan of action as to how to progress. There was such optimism and encouragement from him that was simply incredible.
Soon after Marc came on board, he was there for me all the way through; he understood my pain and distress. He advised me what information to collect that would help my case. He was even obtaining information until the morning of the Interim Hearing (this is on another matter).
I had been so traumatised with hcpc and their processes, any correspondence from them raised my anxiety level. It was Marc who supported me and communicated with hcpc on my behalf after obtaining my viewpoint and getting the full context. He advised me to give evidence as I knew what I was taking about and this really boosted my morale. Marc’s advise was clear and precise and he focussed on what had to be brought up at the hearing and how to respond to the allegations.
Marc’s professionalism and his knowledge and skill as to how to progress the case was really encouraging; however, it was only at the final hearing that Marc’s hard work and efficiency became apparent. It was a four-day hearing. The first time, the case had to be adjourned due to some illness of the alleging party. Marc represented me that day; he is so hard working and really concerned for his clients.
The second time, when the case was relisted, Marc represented me on the first day. I attended the second day to give my evidence. Marc was so professional and efficient taking care of the issues that could have had detrimental impact on the case. The different matters were kept separate and those were not brought up at all at the hearing. His submission was so controlled and measured, counteracting and disproving the allegations made against me. I am so pleased to share that after the hearing, hcpc decided to close the case.
I am so blessed that I met Marc. He is so helpful and genuine and wanting the best for his clients. His professionalism, his efficiency and everything about him can be simply marvelled upon. I had lost faith in people having experienced such adversarial situation. Marc has restored my faith in humanity – there are people who are genuinely helpful and life can become so de-stressing when these people like Marc are involved. Marc has been outstanding and brilliant. However much I praise Marc, I feel it is still insufficient, because the way Marc has supported me, it cannot be captured within my words. God bless you Marc. Your input has been excellent."

S.A., Notts, October 2019.


"In fact, I can prepare your case from the initial stages all the way through to fitness to practice hearing representation, without us having to meet.  I have got great outcomes for clients having never seen them face to face!" (Marc Walker). 
It's true Marc can win your case without having seen you face to face. I say so because he did it for me on the 24th June 2019, after l'd had 2 unsuccessful restoration hearing attempts on a case which was 18 years old. To be honest l was really worried that l had not had the opportunity to meet him before the hearing date, and l was hoping it was him who was going to arrange all that. Even though l managed to speak with him over the phone the night before the hearing l was still asking myself if l had done the right thing. My emotions and worries were everywhere. 
When l met Marc at the hearing he was calm and l expected that since he was not the one who was under pressure. During the hearing, Marc brought out points which l didn’t expect him to have dug out. My Matron and l were really impressed with his submission. I didn’t expect that. He really dug deep, using information which was said on my first hearing but l still had doubts about the result as l felt l did not perform well. This left me and my matron really worried. Marc reassured me that the panel had no reason to deny me that day because there was a lot of good points which were presented and this was confirmed at the end [when the panel restored MC to the register]. Sorry Marc for having moments of doubts on you. You were really a shining star for me on the 24th June 2019.
M.C., London, September 2019


"I had an upcoming restoration case for hcpc which I found to be both terrifying and very complicated. I was quite lost and very worried about the whole thing as I was going to go it alone.
I discovered Marc’s webpage and read his many glowing testimonials and his blogs, I had 1 chance at my case as I wouldn’t go through it a second due to its complicated nature so I needed to get it right? I quickly realised that Marc was perhaps the only person who could help me.

I contacted Marc by web chat and explained my predicament etc. I can only describe it as a very welcoming and reassuring experience I immediately realised that I had the right person especially as my case was quite complex and difficult especially from my viewpoint. Marc put me at ease and reassured me that he could help me.

2 months down the line my case was heard and I received a restoration order! I have to say this to anyone who is facing any form of HCPC/ NMC hearing, do not go it alone, from personal experience it is a very daunting and stressful experience and you need nerves of steel to go through it. I say this with hand on heart that without Marc’s valuable expertise and experience in representing me I wouldn’t have enjoyed the positive result that we received.

Marc is really nice and honest person and clearly enjoys helping people and what’s more he doesn’t judge you? This was a major factor for me as I have been judged enough already but Marc is genuine in his honesty and professional integrity and this shines through constantly. I can’t say enough of how much of a godsend he was to me, I was lost and alone before and now I am lighter and blessed, your life can change if you meet the right people.

Marc is definitely one of life’s good guys."
J.C., N. Yorks, July 2019


"One morning out of the blue I had the shock of my life after 15 years as a nurse i had been referred to the NMC for an Interim Order hearing with the potential of being struck off. I had no legal representation but my amazing husband managed to obtain conditions of practice order. The worse was yet to come from my previous employer. I was subject to a police investigation and reported to the disclosure and barring service. This had a massive impact on my mental health and to speak openly, i wanted to end my life. But my family helped me through the darkest days of my life. I found my spirituality working with the Universe and the Divine and reconnected with Spirit in all living things. The battles commenced on with the NMC but I felt blessed that the police closed their case against me and the DBS stated case closed so i thought the NMC would do the same. I was fortunate to regain employment under my conditions of practice order who have been amazingly supportive. The NMC restricted my practice to my workplace with conditions attatched. Myself and my employers worked tirelessly to get things right. I completed all my conditions but this was still not enough as they referred me to the Big Panel. In desperation I gave up and I was heartbroken. I was at work at the time I couldn't function. I spoke to my line manager what had happened and they supported me whilst I searched for a solicitor. I googled Fitness to Practice and Marc was beaconing out to me. I called him and he returned my call. I didn't care about cost anymore I just wanted this pain to end in my soul. Marc called me back and I immediately felt I had found an earth Angel. I was totally relieved that i had found the support I have needed for so long and I wish i had found Marc sooner. His forthright nature and cutting to the chase to enable you to see the reasons why but at the same time reassuring me that I was in safe hands. Marc gave me work to do which was cathartic and enabled me to see what I couldn't before in radically accepting what was before me. The NMC are prosecutors not your friend!! Marc organised an interim conditions review which was completed by an independent panel. I attended with Marc and he was calm controlled and concise. The panel didn't even ask me any questions . As Marc said "we are pushing on an open door". The result was a revoke and pin cleared. However previous employer wasn't happy about that and wanted to keep pushing. Marc was unable to have the case dropped. I had further work to do based on the facts. The hearing was set for 7 days Marc reduced it to 5 as he was working tirelessly behind the scenes. Marc attended the 4th day at the impairment stage and he smashed it out the park and I ended with a caution order but free to practice unrestricted. Marc rang me and told me the news and explained fully what this meant but the most amazing achievement was through Marc showcasing me in his meticulous way had the Case Presenter and legal assessor turnaround and say "In many years in their roles have they seen such Outstanding and Phenomenal insight and remediation from a nurse and should be proud!!! My reply was "it came from my Soul it is all that I am". And this was seen. That is because of You Marc you are Outstanding and Phenomenal at what you do from the heart and for the highest good of all. I thank Spirit for bringing you to me. I am forever grateful xxx"

L.P., South Yorks, July 2019


"As an MSc OT student who became under fitness to practice investigation for dishonesty and unprofessional practice regarding the reporting of a safeguarding issue on day 2 of placement 1, when I had never worked in a hospital ward before, it was one of the most stressful situations of my life. Marc was immediately on board with my case, read a lot of information quickly and offered the legal stance.  He clearly identified flaws in the university fitness to practice investigation and helped me prepare a 7 page statement with 7 supporting appendices to present my case to the Head of School.  The Head of School stated that no student had ever presented such a detailed case to the panel and consequently the outcome was that there was insufficient evidence to reach a finding that I was unfit to practice.  Without Marc's input the outcome could have been something much more serious which not only would have been seen as a flaw on my character, it would have also smeared my academic studies, my future placements and career as an Occupational Therapist.  I cannot recommend Marc enough for his legal advice and his professionalism in responding to my emails efficiently and effectively."  

S.H., Lancs, June 2019


"I was represented by Marc during my restoration hearing application. At first I thought I could handle it myself but after going through the application form, i decided to look for a lawyer. I came across Marc's page on line. I contacted him, we had a brief chat about my case and he was happy to represent me.
At first i was very nervous and unsure what to do.
But after speaking to Marc, he advise me on what to do if I needed to have a successful outcome.
It was lots of work to do however it needed to be done.
He was alway there to answer my questions, give me advice on what to do and put me in the right direction.
I was really pleased the way Marc put forward my case during the hearing. Honestly I will recommend him to anyone.
Today I am back on the nursing register after 7 years of not working as a nurse. Thanks to Marc for his advice and support.
Stress over. Back to the profession I love and cherish."

F.N., Bristol, May 2019


"I really thank you for seeing me through the hard times of my NMC Case.  It's over now. Big thanks.

L.M., London, March 2019


"I contacted Marc to assist me with regards to the HCPC investigation.
Marc has helped me defend my case and I’m very happy with the outcome of this. He is very professional , supportive and understanding. I would definitely recommend him to those who will be needing assistance with regards to issues with HCPC.
Thank you Marc. God Bless you in your work."
E.B., Berkshire, March 2019


"I got in touch with Marc well after my case had been referred to the NMC although I suspect had I engaged him earlier things would have been different. It was a rather scary time in my life and my options appeared limited. I had been charged with a dishonesty offence, something the NMC takes rather seriously. I was worried I had lost everything and the likelihood of a remaining on the register seemed impossible. I had in fact opted for voluntary removal but Marc worked with me and the NMC to get the best outcome under the circumstance (a suspension).

Not only was he able to advise and defend me, he was very patient. My emotions were all over the place but his calm and empathetic manner was reassuring and I got through the hearing. I am eternally grateful for his service and I would certainly hire him again! "
K.D., Essex, February 2019


"I did not practise as a nurse for a few months as I had restrictions from NMC. I am so thankful that Marc helped me with those difficult times. I can call him anytime or message him if I have some questions or things to clarify not like my union lawyer in which I cannot even call him or message him. I did not regret for choosing him as my lawyer. He made me calm and reassured. He made me feel the feeling of attending a hearing as just like attending a meeting, no fear and no worries. The way he presented my case was very convincing. He is a very good and experienced lawyer. After he finished presenting my evidence and the chair told us to leave the room for them to wait for the decision, I knew it then that I will win my case. I cannot thank him enough. I will definitely recommend him. My husband felt the same. He said Marc is remarkable. After the hearing [Marc] made sure that everything written in the decision was clear for me."

F.R., Essex, February 2019


"I was under a fitness to practice via HCPC after working somewhere for just 3 weeks. I initially thought I would be able to deal with it myself but as time went by I felt I needed help. Marc’s name was given to me as “someone who will help”.

Marc has proved to be  a great choice. Marc spent a couple of hours on video with me, wrote my response, which led to no case to answer. Worth every penny, and so you know, much cheaper and better than any Big companies out there that say they will help you.

The human touch of lawyers, and as he deals with this work every day, the best and only choice."
S.Y., Gtr Manchester, January 2019


"I just want to express my gratitude to Marc Walker.  Marc assisted and helped me in relation to the NMC allegations. I was so depressed, anxious and stressed but he managed to comfort me and give me reassurance that everything was going to be fine. Sometimes I would call him crying but he kept on comforting me. Marc gave me hope on my case because I had lost all hope, at one point I did not feel like going to work but he kept on encouraging me. He updated me on each and every detail of the case hence giving me details on what is happening on my case. After Marc informed me my case was dismissed I booked a holiday and now I’m back full time at work with no stresses of NMC and I’m happy. I greatly appreciate your support Marc I thank you so much, and I would highly recommend [your] services to anyone in need." 

U.M., Herts, December 2018
"I am a registered Nurse.  I found myself suspended by the NMC after been working with a lapsed registration for a long period of time without knowing.  My readmission application was rejected by the NMC registrar I couldn't believe what had happened to me. I was mortified shaky I felt sick for months.  I went on the NMC hearing website [*note from MW - I'm not on the NMC website, this was a standard Google search*] where I found Marc Walker's contact details and I took time to read several testimonies and I decided to get in touch with Marc.
Marc told me that this was a serious matter but he fought for me with his last energy and fortunately by God's grace we succeeded.
Marc is my saviour. I will recommend him to anyone else.
I would like to advise Registered Nurses to keep an eye on their annual registration fee because I do not want anybody else to go through what I have been, it's a nightmare, an awful situation, stressful and painful and humiliating.
Thank you very much Marc you are my Angel."
I.K., Staffs, December 2018


"I made the grave mistake of dealing directly with the NMC without any legal representation when a fitness to practice referral was made against me by my previous employer, following the restraint of a patient where it was alleged I used an unauthorised technique to restrain a patient with a well documented history of aggression that was been violent towards other patients and staff and, potentially posing a serious risk of injury to staff. Also, I had unknowingly been practising when my registration had lapsed during that period. Against this background, when I applied for re-admission to the register, the Registrar rejected my application to get back on the nursing register. Just to give some context to what I was thinking at that point, the news was devastating in all its facets. I had worked my way up to a ward manager position and had a nursing career spanning over two decades. I had never been in any sort of trouble throughout my professional life and I thought that was the end of my nursing career. It was at that point that I decided to seek some legal representation so as to be guided to appeal against the registrars decision to reject my application. But more importantly, to find someone that specialised in not just employment law, but specifically issues dealing with the NMC. In my consequent search of the internet, I found Marc Walker and What Rights. I read about the cases that he has helped numerous nurses and other professionals with. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be represented by him at my appeal hearing .
My first contact with Marc was not just professional , but super reassuring. I was in pieces at that point and I couldn't have chosen a better person to speak to. He was attentive on the phone and very quickly gave me the impression that he had a very good grasp of the process involved. As I gave him a background of the case detailing the full account of what transpired , he was able to tell me right from the start that my case was not by any means hopeless and that I stood a very good chance to be readmitted to the register. In the ensuing weeks and months, his skilful guidance and preparation slowly helped to evaporate any doubts that I had about the case before I met him. My late night pondering moments will be marked by remarks from Marc on the phone like: "We go to the NMC to win" and "visualise success". These words were not only soothing but became my daily mantras. Marc, thank you so much for all your help. I encountered you at a time when I was almost about to give up on my career that I love dearly. I admired your calm demeanour, professionalism, attention to detail, fighting spirits, and just your sheer sense of genuineness and honesty. When I eventually met you, it was all too evident that you are the true professional I thought you would be when we spoke on the phone. I will never be able to fully thank you enough. You rescued my life, family, career, way of life and gave me an opportunity to have a fresh start. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family. As you said, you didn't just help me get my career back but also got me fit by encouraging me to walk with you from the NMC building to our respective train stations. That's what one calls going the extra mile for your clients! Love you brother.
E.F., Herts, November 2018


"Thank you for all your support.
It was extremely helpful that you offered to read all the information relating to our case before you gave advice on the matter. When you gave advice it was clear that you were both knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with such cases and you also had a good understanding of HCPC practices and procedures. Your guidance was precise and was definitely the right advice as I think the additional reflective statements you suggested played a big part in the positive outcome we received. I felt confident after our discussion and you responded quickly to all my emails - so in my view I received a very competent and valuable service from you!"
N.N., Middlesex, November 2018


"Thank you so much. I could not have gone through today without you. I have worked so hard the past 5 years but the reflection part I had not been able to to deal with until you said what had to be done. Only then I fully understood that I was responsible for my actions and the whole mess became very clear and understandable to me.

Because of that I was able to speak clearly and truthfully and make myself understood. I have a lot of work to do but the confidence I got from today will never go.

Thanks for taking on my case because I knew myself it was a long shot. What a difference 24 hours make.

I return to Manchester tomorrow and back to work and volunteering. I will be speaking to the universities next week and get that ball rolling. I will let you know how I get on.

I just thank god (or my own luck?) that I saw your website when I did and made contact. At first I did not believe it was really what I was reading because it was friendly to nurses and others who had been struck off or in trouble. I had never seen this in all my time of being struck off and the lack of contact with others who had been in trouble makes you feel so alone.

You do great work, thanks again."


* Updated the following day with:


"I didn't really appreciate how well the application and hearing went on Thursday. But I have had time to reflect on this, you were constantly calm, friendly, reassuring and professional. The pack which demonstrated what I had been doing was excellent and it focused on what I had achieved and I found your questions were easy to respond to when in front of the panel. Because of this I did not feel as intimidated as I had imagined. The calm advice on how to deal with the factor that could of gone against me was the turning point on how I dealt with the entire hearing.
From when I first contacted you, I was never given a false idea that I would definitely be successful. But I was given honest, clear instruction that I had to meet the requirements of the application criteria and there was always a sense of positive hope."

L.B. Manchester, October 2018


“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Marc for his outstanding expertise, resulting in my case with HCPC being thrown out on the second of 3 days set to hear the matters. The allegation was around breach of confidentiality. Even before reaching this far, as soon as he received my papers about 2-3 months before the hearing, he moved fast and put forward a written submission in which he laid down clear points on why he believed I had no case to answer. His arguments were unfortunately rejected however this is what he had to say: “the flaws in the case against you remain [...] we will exploit them at the hearing itself.” A day before the hearing Marc confirmed that “I will be presenting your case. That means I will speak on your behalf at all times [...]. My goal is in fact to get the case dismissed with no case to answer at the end of the HCPC's evidence.” This is exactly what he did. I did not get to say a word, not even give evidence. It was amazing seeing him at work. He began with blocking an earlier attempt to introduce a different twist on my case, and was tactfully ready throughout to deal with any variation of the allegation. I saw him diligently, and calmly squeeze facts and truths out of the witnesses in a way that left you with no doubt that the case has to be brought to an end. In Marc I met someone who loves his work and this is obvious. A man who is very empathetic and understands what you may be going through. If you are dealing with a referral I cannot emphasise enough on the need to have your case dealt with by an expert, and in this case I recommend Marc. As mentioned above he will begin the fight straightaway and where appropriate, he will assess the case and try to avoid it going to a full hearing - potentially making you some savings and preventing you from the making that dreadful journey. I will add that his fees are very competitive. I got the sense that he truly enjoys seeing that justice is done and not delayed. At a time when you are feeling vulnerable, probably alone, emotionally drained, etc you need to rely on someone like that. Unfortunately my experience with my Union’s lawyer was pathetic and would go as far as saying when you are faced with a matter such as referral to HCPC, you should seriously consider ditching them for someone who has a real and genuine interest in delivering the best possible outcome for you. My union lawyer had stayed with my file for months, not even ringing me once which is 100% the opposite of working with Marc. Marc you did not just help me, you also inspired me and I will never forget you, thank you so much and all blessings to you.

A.A., Cornwall, September 2018


"I am a registered Nurse who has recently been involved in a NMC investigation for dishonesty, I found Marc Walker after searching for help on the internet and decided to contact him for advice on my ongoing case. The information I received was very helpful so it was a easy decision in asking Marc to represent me. We corresponded through mail, email and phone conversations during the case and good advice was always at hand, his prices are reasonable & Marc always tries for best outcome. In my case I was issued with a 12 month warning which was my best possible outcome, at last my 10 months of worry has gone. I would recommend Marc highly to anyone in positions like I found myself in. Many Thanks" 

S.N., County Durham, August 2018


"Due to an investigation started from the NMC I needed some legal support in answering my case. After speaking with many solicitors firms I was only satisfied when I spoke the first time with Marc. I knew then he was going to support and answer to my case in order to have the best outcome. He has always been professional and reassuring, quick in the response and outstanding in the performance. All my anxiety went as soon as Marc explained exactly how he expected the case to go. The outcome: No case to answer. Marc has no competitors, I will recommend to anyone in need."

P.M., Barrow-in-Furness, June 2018


"Marc has been wonderful since the day I contacted him in regards to my case of unfair dismissal on the grounds of pregnancy. After explaining the scenario to him, he advised me clearly on my options both verbally and sent the terms in writing shortly.

Marc was very proactive and diligent in my case; and you immediately trust that he is working like a shark for you, and he delivers on that.

He kept in good communication and always replied to any questions I had.

The outcome for me was that my employer settled during conciliation so the whole process took 3.5 months in total and I got more that we anticipated.

During this process there was not one day of stress for me, Marc took care of all the ins and outs and I can’t thank him enough! I would recommend Marc to anyone, and if you're looking for someone to fight your corner... He is that guy!"

A.S., Coventry, June 2018


"I cannot express my sincere gratitude enough to the way Marc handled my case . As an inexperienced NQSW, I didn’t know where to start when I received a letter to attend an interim hearing. I knew the help I was getting from the union wasn’t sufficient, so I turned to the internet where I stumbled across Whatrights and straight away my instincts told me he was the one. We only had two weeks before the hearing when I got in touch with him. The biggest blow was that we  received my case bundle two days before the hearing leaving us little time to prepare our submission. By this time I was panicking and all I could think of was being suspended or worse ... being struck off. Marc was very reassuring and professional. I don't know how he managed to go through the bundle and prepare the submissions within such short notice. On the day of hearing I couldn’t have wished to have anyone else representing me other than Marc as he was brilliant and on point. The results were positive as I can still practice with minimal conditions. My only regret is not seeking his help earlier. A big thank you Marc from me and my family, keep up with the good work you are doing."

F.M., Leeds, April 2018


"I just want to thank Marc for taking up my case on such a short notice. I was called for an application of an interim order hearing regarding incompetency at work. Marc was able to get me off with minimal conditions to practice. I am glad I still have a chance to practice my profession and right my wrongs. Thank you very much Marc."

AM, Brighton, April 2018


"I am very grateful for having made the decision to contact Marc. After a dismissal for gross misconduct and facing the HCPC, I contacted my Union who I thought would be of support both legally and emotionally. I was disappointed when I later found out that they would not offer any legal help or advice to me. Every time the dreadful letters came from the HCPC, I contacted my union and their response was always that unfortunately they wouldn’t advise me on how to respond. My husband said we need to find a lawyer asap. I went and searched the internet not knowing who was the best for my case. I stumbled across Marc’s profile. He stood out and I instinctively knew he would be the best man for the job! I filled in a form and with in 10 minutes, he had already called and I explained my situation to him. He said I had missed some opportunities to sort the case out earlier however he was glad I had made contact as we still had other opportunities. He was so prompt and very helpful.

Marc was very prompt and always managed to get back to me every time I needed him. He is very realistic and never gave me any false hope. he always reassured me every time I was contacted by the HCPC.

He was very committed and worked really hard on my case and all this hard work was showcased during my hearing. I was very happy with the outcome of my case and I do not think it would have been the same outcome if I had relied on my unison. Honestly I remember during the hearing when he was cross examining one of the witnesses and I wonder to myself whether my union would have even bothered to do that.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you Marc for your hard work and relentless effort during these very trying times. I am now back in full time employment without any restrictions!"

SK, Manchester, February 2018


"Hi, I'm NR's wife. I'd like to say a big thank you for all your support over the last few months. You have been a great help and enabled us as a family to get through a very stressful time.

You kept us informed and liaised with NMC closely whilst reassuring us. You took away the stress of filling in forms over and over again and never complained when my husband emailed you practically every day to see what was going on.

I personally would recommend you and once again thank you for all your hard work."

P.R., Lancs, December 2017


"In Nov 2016 I was faced with an HCPC investigation relating to low level data breach and an error in my recording of a case-note. Having never been through this and financially struggling I felt I had no choice but to manage this alone and independently. I let the investigation proceed. Eventually the HCPC concluded that my case met the threshold for [a panel hearing] much to my dismay. Still believing I had no choice I began building my defence case with everyone around me telling me to get a solicitor. Eventually 9 days before the hearing I found and appointed Marc Walker, however at this point i had not guaranteed the funds to pay Marc. However he was patient and flexible and agreed pre-hearing fee to begin the preparation of the case. I was eventually able to pay the final fee just days before the case hearing. Marc was flexible in his working hours, working the weekend before the case at short notice and being very patient with all my anxieties and questions, and he presented as very supportive throughout. On the day of the hearing Marc was well prepared despite only having just a short period of preparation time. He managed the cross examination perfectly, addressing all [salient] aspects and gave an amazing closing submission. His due diligence was outstanding and he delivered, with a verdict of not guilty. I was able to continue my practice of social work thanks to Marc. I will be forever in his debt, Marc not only saved my career but also my way of life, passion and future. Words of thanks will never be enough. Thank you Marc.

M.C., Hampshire, December 2017


"In May '17 a set of circumstances arose culminating with me facing a criminal charge and a referral to the NMC's Fitness to practice dept.

When this notification arrived from the NMC outlining the process i was about to face, I knew I needed help so started looking on the internet trying to find the right person.
I came across Marc Walker at whatrights.co.uk, read some of the testimonials and decided to make contact with him - it was the best decision i could have made.
Marc contacted me quickly and i explained the situation i was in, he understands how the NMC works and completely understands the despair you are feeling. He put my case into context and outlined what work he would need to do, including his charges (he only charges for the actual work he does and it's in-line with solicitor fees).
As i was facing a criminal charge, Marc introduced me to a colleague who was to deal with that part of it. My case soon escalated from Magistrates to Crown court and again he arranged for Counsel to defend me. Luckily, my case was stopped before it even got to trial so that part was over but i still had to face the FtP investigation by the NMC.
Marc dealt with all relevant paper work including responses and eventually the NMC declared 'No case to answer' - case closed, it was all over.
Throughout this process, Marc has always been at the end of the phone, answered the many emails i sent him with my concerns in a timely manner, and most importantly he explained all the NMC processes as they arose in plain english.
He knows and realizes how your situation is affecting your life so provides reassurance and professional advice when it is most needed. I can't recommend Marc enough, if you are facing similar circumstances then please consider using him, if like me you will not be disappointed.
Thanks Marc, I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your help, it was a pleasure dealing with you (shame about the circumstances!)"
G.T. Beds, Dec 2017


"From the minute I made contact with Marc, I felt a sense of relief as he was very reassuring. He kept me up to date with the progress of my [NMC] case.  I had soo many questions, some of them silly but he answered them all patiently.  He even took calls at the weekend, which was amazing because once I was a bundle of nerves and could not wait until the Monday. He is an expert in his field and I would recommend him to anyone.  He is worth every penny he charges.

Again thank you very much Marc for the assistance. May God bless you and your family always."

S.M., Bucks, November 2017


"After feeling at my lowest ebb with nowhere to turn, and being in my darkest hole with feelings of despair of where my life was taking me. Marc's name appeared after a last minute internet searching for my predicament.

As a senior nurse I was facing an investigation from an NHS trust and potential dismissal for gross misconduct, following arrest (without charge) for assault. Marc cuts straight to the heart of the matter and has an acute eye for the detail, but at the same time is sensitive and understanding to his clients.
There were the initial discussions and correspondence and advice with Marc, following damning witness reports relating to a private matter, and on the morning of my hearing he called me to reassure me, and advise how things should proceed. Thankfully to Marc's eye for detail and his input I was found not to be culpable of gross misconduct and able to return to work. 
I am sure without Marc I would be in a different position, and in fact came through without punishment.
Do not be in any hesitation to contact him if in any doubt regarding your employment rights, investigation or disciplinary hearing." 

R.D. Cheshire, Oct 2017


"When I was scheduled for an interim order hearing, Marc represented me and....wow...what can i say? His presentation of my case was outstanding. He very well transmitted my thoughts, feelings and actions to the panel, while refuting the allegations towards me with an expert use of the evidence. In addition, Marc's ability to assess and incorporate last minute documentary evidence, presented by the NMC, was amazing. The result, thanks to Marc, was that no interim order was needed and my registration remains intact.

Marc is very knowledgeable and was able to transmit me hope when I couldn't see it myself. He is supportive, friendly and very approachable. If you are referred to the NMC and are seeking representation, please don't think twice and give Marc a call. Trust me, you will not regret it."
S.I.O, London, Oct 2017


"Marc recently represented me in a case brought against me by the Nursing & Midwifery Council.

The accusations against me were spurious but the NMC believed they had a strong enough case to take it to the Hearing stage. Marc accepted the case on my behalf and quickly compiled a reasonable and proactive defence. At all times he was calm, attentive and professional and gave me hope at a time of great stress. During the hearing itself Marc easily undermined the NMC’s evidence as presented and systematically dismantled the case against me. The result was a verdict of No Case To Answer and I was exonerated of all charges.The best possible outcome.

Marc is a warm and approachable man that communicates well and inspires confidence in his legal abilities, which are awesome. Hopefully I will never need his services again but I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation. I owe Marc a great debt of gratitude for his help at a very dark time for me."
R.L., Staffs, Oct 2017


"I just want to express my appreciation and to say thanks to Marc Walker for his assistance and help in relation to the NMC allegations against me. Marc spent so much time working on my case to get the best and positive outcome. I found him both friendly and professional, giving me clear practical support and assistance. He demonstrated knowledge about legislation, policies and procedures. There's no doubt that the content of the statements prepared by him had a positive impact on the result of my case. His assistance and support made a very difficult time much more bearable. As a result I got exactly the outcome l needed, for which I am very grateful. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any professional who got into difficulty with their regulatory body."

N.N. Derby, Oct 2017


"Marc Walker is a force to be reckoned with. He was always available and supportive, but most importantly got the results I needed in the time I needed them.

I was incredibly impressed by his work and could not recommend him highly enough!"

C.M. London, Sep 2017


"I am not one to usually write testimonials, however if I did not I would be denying someone who like myself had been in desperate need for the right support and direction, when faced with a career defining situation.

The process of being referred to the HCPC was very distressing and confusing. It became apparent in the months that followed that the representation that I was getting from the union would not accurately challenge the allegations. The approach taken by the union was very relaxed and this added to my anxiety and lack of confidence in the representative.

I came across Marc’s website whilst conducting a search online and considering if instructing a legal representative would be a good idea. As soon as I made contact with Marc I was certain that he would be the best representation, litigator and advocate and that is how I genuinely feel. Marc was very professional and was able to take on a burden that had been overshadowing not only my career but also my family life.

From the beginning Marc had an idea of the approach that he wished to take and was able to communicate this to me and my husband also. Marc meticulously gathered the required evidence and raised points that I had not even considered.

Marc was focused on winning and he demonstrated this in his commitment to case preparation and communicating with me whenever the need arose. When the decision of no case to answer was pronounced I cried as I was filled with relief and was very happy that I was victorious. 

Without [me] speaking a single word [to the panel] throughout the two day hearing Marc had been able to convey my experiences and feelings about an incident within a local authority that had tried to scapegoat me. By focusing on the facts and the case law available Marc was able to prove that indeed there was no case to answer! I thank God that it is all over and I can start rebuilding my career and I really thank God to have come across Marc’s website. 

If you are in need of representation it is imperative that you get the right representation that you feel confident with. The issue should not be taken lightly as there is so much at stake in respect of your career. I feel strongly that your representation will greatly influence the outcome of the case. I simply cannot recommend Marc enough. Thank you again Marc! All the best in all your future cases." 

J.C.O, London, Sep 2017


"Marc is professional, proficient and proactive and we highly recommend his services. He is dedicated to his clients and he is so approachable and easy to talk to. He made us feel at ease from the very beginning, providing us with great counsel. He gave us the power and confidence to successfully defend ourselves and was our shining advocate in an unfair justice system. Without his relentless support and endless patience with our emotions,  we would have been totally lost and in desperate trouble. We cannot recommend Marc enough and am so grateful for everything he has done for us. He makes time to listen and explains the processes to you. He makes time to put your mind at ease or answer queries.
He gives you a fantastic 'voice' loud enough to be heard, understood and be taken seriously. He helps you succeed and puts your case and needs before money.
Thank you so much Marc and we will definitely continue to recommend you."

B.F.P, Kent, Sep 2017


"When I was faced with a HCPC Tribunal in June 2017, I buried my head in the sand. Then just 6 weeks before the tribunal when I was in a very dark place I trawled the internet for guidance and came across Marc. As a NQSW I assumed my career was over; Marc not only gave me professional legal advice but also the confidence and courage to carry on. He instantly relieved me of the pressures and anxiety that had been weighing me down for so long and restored my confidence. Marc represented me during the 2 harrowing days in London and leaving 'no stone unturned' we won! This was all down to Marc for whom I will be eternally grateful." 

J.W.D, Derbyshire, June 2017


"My wife has recently experienced a HCPC Tribunal. I would just like to express my sincere thanks to Marc for the excellent job he did in representing my Wife. At all times Marc was a true professional and had an ability to communicate with me at my level. The pressure Marc took off me was immense. Marc achieved the best outcome ever, allowing my Wife to continue to pursue the career she has worked so hard for later in life. I too will be eternally grateful to Marc."
Husband of JWD, Derbyshire June 2017


"When my Director retired I found myself made redundant by his replacement without so much as an initial meeting. Having been a respected and recognised high achieving senior manager I found myself in an unfamiliar situation, suddenly put in a stressful position and standing alone against the company. Through a recommendation, I approached Marc Walker at What Rights. Marc responded immediately and provided much needed advice not only from a legal stand point, but also from a strategy perspective. I put my trust in him to contact and negotiate with my former company, at all times he kept me informed of progress, handled all paperwork and negotiations and within a week had secured me a substantially better exit package. I cannot recommend Marc more strongly to anybody in a similar situation. Perhaps more importantly it makes a huge difference to your outlook and self-esteem, when you most need it, having a professional like Marc working for and with you."

M.K. Kettering, June 2017


"Dear Marc,
Words can not express my appreciation of your handling of my case with the NMC. I stumbled across your details on the internet on my darkness day and you have been fantastic since then.
You dealt with my case professionally like someone that knows best how to handle it.
I am deeply grateful to you and I highly recommend you to people for better outcomes.
I promise to abide by  the conditions set out for me faithfully and religiously.
Thank you and God bless the works of your hands.
M.OW. London, June 2017


"Two cases against me were referred to the NMC by former staff members, one of the allegations went to panel. This week Marc represented me for a hearing scheduled for four days. I left on the morning of the third day after Marc successfully argued there was no case to answer. From the very first phone call Marc is reassuring, attentive & honest. He listened to my thoughts & if useful told me, if not was honest & explained why. He stays in touch, I have had emails & phone calls at weekends and into the evening, not just during office hours. He fights for you 100% and understands how stressful it is to be referred to the NMC. He is very supportive, calm and professional. His fees are not extortionate and he definitely gives value for the money. He only charges you for the work he does and is upfront about costs, many other companies will charge a fixed fee without knowing the details of your case. I highly recommend him. 

Thank you Marc for everything you did for me, had my first day back at work today with a lot of stress and worry off my shoulders."

L.B. Worksop, May 2017


"I would not hesitate to recommend Marc if you are having employment disputes.

After coming home from work one day to be greeted with a hand delivered letter informing me my employment was terminated and that they would give me a paltry sum to go away and keep quiet, I was in total shock.

I found Marc who told me I had a strong case for unfair dismissal. He promptly took up my case. At first, the unscrupulous employer denied any wrongdoing and has made every effort to stall and delay matters. Marc saw through all this and quickly refuted all their excuses. Marc kept in touch with me throughout every step of the process and in my opinion, went over and above expectations.

Marc secured me a much larger settlement than either of us hoped and even then the employer delayed payment and has generally been what I can only describe as a shyster throughout the whole process. I hope now they have learned a valuable lesson in how not to treat your employees."

D.B. London, May 2017


"A friend recommended Marc Walker to me when i needed a lawyer, to assist with the negotiation of my severance package, and early retirement following some ongoing health complications, in the end i was so grateful for the advice. He was thorough prompt and happy to explain every step of the process and absolutely upfront about costs and fees, which was appreciated Marc was highly supportive and had a thorough knowledge of his area of law. I recommend him highly."
M.M. Newmarket, May 2017

"Following a long investigation I was dismissed for gross misconduct ( bullying and harassment ). I prepared an appeal on the grounds of unfair dismissal due to both flawed process and an unreasonable penalty.  While waiting for the hearing I contacted Marc having noticed the excellent feedback on his website. Marc reviewed the decision report alongside my appeal letter and we then discussed how we could improve the letter. My goal was to simply remain employed. Having listened to Marc's advice I rewrote the submission, had it checked by Marc to see it addressed the weaknesses we had discussed,  and resubmitted the letter.  Marc's advice was very clear and easy to understand and I would not have picked up on these issues/flaws without him. Following the appeal hearing I was reinstated.  An excellent result."

P.T. Somerset, May 2017


"Dear Marc,
Thank you for being a wonderful person  and a terrific attorney/mediator. Without your deft skill, warm style and experienced perspective, I  couldn't have made it. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me during the most difficult time in my life when I was dismissed. You are a gem. I want to thank you for your affectionate guidance, for your understanding, your interest in me, your belief that I was worth being your client. We didn't really have that much contact - which is praise for your legal skills - but you made an impression on me that softened the stress and encouraged me to take responsibility for my choices. I am a stronger, better person - optimistic and confident because you were my attorney. I thank you that you helped me to win the appeal. I am back to work thanks to Marc Walker my attorney. You are an expert in employment law. Thanks for restoring me back to my job.  
Yours sincerely,

J.O. London, April 2017  


"On 27/02/2017 after returning from 2 weeks leave I was summoned by the HR Director to find my immediate Manager in the office with her. I was simple told that after discussions "I was been let go!' I was swiftly told that they had put together a great settlement and as this was a bit of shock I could go home, read the settlement proposal, get legal advice, sign and get on with life. After obtaining initial legal advice I was put in touch with Marc Walker who informed me that I had a very good case for unfair dismissal. He started the process for a tribunal hearing and we also discussed a counter proposal. Within a month of my dismissal I had a new settlement proposal offered. Marc was very clear in explaining the content of the proposal and the consequences of accepting or rejecting the offer. After considering all options I accepted the proposal as the best option in my situation. After nearly 3 years' service the manner in which I was dismissed was a shock and extremely stressful! Marc provided a calm logical approach to a solution. I was provided with accurate information throughout the process removing a huge amount of worry. I have no hesitation in recommending Marc for his excellent and professional service provided."
M.G. London, April 2017


"I was struck off the register of nurses five years ago due to dishonesty. Recently I applied to be to be restored to the register, and the day before my hearing I decided to mess around the internet, to see if there was anything that could be of help towards my hearing. 
I came across this name “What Rights' and I decided to fill in the contact form. Marc emailed me back and said he would call me at 1pm which he did.  I gave a brief scenario of what happened and what I have done regarding my hearing.  He advised me to cancel the hearing, as he felt I have not done enough preparation to be restored.  I am so glad I did.
Marc is very good and was understanding from the first day I spoke to him.  The way I felt was as if all the thoughts and feelings which were in my head and mind seemed like an unsolved puzzle, and I found them so difficult to explain.  By the hearing, everything was nicely put together and made easy and simple, as if Marc could read my mind.  This made it less stressful for me on the day of my hearing. 

On the day of the hearing I made so many mistakes and there was some very important information that I forgot. This was my own fault and I had forgotten to mention this information to Marc.  With this error in mind I thought I would never be able to be restored.  But due to Marc’s level of understanding and how well he understood my case I was able to pull though. Thanks Marc, the passion and level of understanding you had was beyond my imagination.  Thanks Marc, thanks." 

J.I. London, April 2017


"It is my privilege to recommend Marc Walker, an excellent lawyer, who is able to process large amount of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for the case assigned to his workload.  Excellent response time, very  knowledgeable and someone who fights for you.

Marc is very personable and he easily gained my trust from day one. His exceptional professionalism, his attention to detail and the time he took to address all of my concerns, not only met, but exceeded my expectations. He is extremely thorough and he always has his client’s best interests in mind.

I owe Marc a great debt of gratitude for the work he has successfully done on my behalf against a large company in the City.

I would not hesitate to recommend Marc Walker, for anybody looking for a top quality lawyer that also has a very personal touch in making you feel comfortable, in a very difficult, emotional situation. Marc is outstanding and a credit to the legal industry."

C.W.  London, June 2016


"I consider I made a wise choice in asking you to represent me on this matter; you offer a service the larger firms can't in that you support the person and give a true overview of the position: of course, no lawyer can be 100% certain but based on the facts and our statement, you did an excellent job.

You never feel as you are a client of many:

My sincere thanks and my best wish to you and your family for 2016."

D.S Nottingham, January 2016


"Marc Walker is a professional employment specialist. The service and support I received from him was great, in fact it was outstanding. I found that he is the best in both advising and representing, during my fitness to practice proceedings. Marc was instrumental in getting a favourable outcome. He is calm, and his approach reassured me during my fitness to practice proceedings and the hearing itself; he engaged me throughout the whole process, which was a very stressful period for me. I do not have any hesitation in recommending Marc for those seeking assistance and a professional service."

F.A.Croydon, September 2015


"Great job and representation dealing with my criminal matters. Incredible  support and communications throughout the 9 months bail period, resulting in the police taking no further action in relation to allegations of serious sexual assault. Brilliant achievement."

P.P. London, September 2015


"Marc is a fantastic lawyer and I cannot recommend him highly enough.
He is very professional, helpful, supportive and truthful.
Marc has just won my case of constructive dismissal and maternity discrimination against a very slippery person.
They have given Marc no end of problems but he has over come them all and got me a very good outcome.
If you need an excellent lawyer, look no further."

C.D. Birmingham, June 2015


I found Marc by way of recommendation from a senior police officer friend which was quite a powerful reason in its own right to work with him and now I know why. For a start he is extremely approachable and personable; a quality that is not a common perception of lawyers. I really appreciated how he almost instantly made me feel at ease in my ‘hour of need’ and soon after I felt much more confident about my situation. This wasn’t achieved by Marc saying what I wanted to hear but by his ability to quickly cut to the chase and understand my predicament - not just from a personal/emotional standpoint but from a legal one. Marc has a passion for doing the right thing and clearly takes great personal and professional satisfaction and pride from standing up for the ‘small guy’.

From thereon his depth of knowledge, ability to listen and quickly interpret what I was trying to say even when it was a struggle to articulate my concerns was a great relief. His responses to my calls were always speedy no matter what the time of day or day of the week and nothing ever seemed too much trouble and, of course, most importantly the end result was a successful outcome that exceeded my expectations. Employment law might be Marc’s specialist subject but I now recognise that he has expertise across a whole range of topics. I would unreservedly recommend Marc on any legal matter because it undoubtedly pays to
seek proper advice.


M.B. Cambridgeshire, May 2015


I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the care and attention you gave my redundancy case before Christmas. It was really kind of you to respond so quickly and be so helpful at such a busy time of year - especially when you were away. I really appreciate it.

Everything is wrapped up now, and it's been a relatively calm process. Thanks for your help in making it so.


A.C. London, January 2015


I cannot put into words how lucky I was to have had the pleasure of Marc's expertise and legal guidance. He was  able to make a stressful and highly emotional situation seem more manageable with his calming approach and ability to listen. He was so completely committed to finding justice and peace of mind for myself and my family, that he was always persistent and made sure that we always had the upper hand throughout all negotiations. Marc was also fantastic at constantly keeping you updated, making you feel in control at all times. I cannot thank Marc enough for everything he has done for me and would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal guidance. I will always be eternally grateful and wish Marc every success in the future. I can honestly say you are in safe hands with Marc and can trust him completely. Thank you for everything.


B.F-P. Kent, November 2014


A great big thank you Marc for a positive out come. We both knew from the start there would be a few obstacles in our way, but you reassured me that you would work your magic and you surely did. Marc, you are a genius, so sincere, hard working, intelligent, honest, straight to the point person, who knows his position inside out.  Due to this a settlement was made and my case did not even reach tribunal.  Marc, I really cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. I highly recommend Marc to any one who needs a solicitor to represent them with their case. I can assure Marc will get you positive results once he takes on your case, you will not be disappointed.  Once again, thank you Marc, for a fantastic result!


N.M. Birmingham, October 2014


If anyone is looking for an employment solicitor, then look no further because you have found one.  Marc was exceptional in his dealings with me.  He always answered and responded promptly and offered advice that always won. Having approached other big firm solicitors, I was told that I had no case because I should have taken my employer to tribunal within 3 months.  I then found Marc, who told me otherwise and took on the case.  My employer being such a huge organisation hired a big law firm who did everything, but Marc was no pushover.  Even my own trade union abandoned me, but Marc continued with his support. The interesting thing was that the case started to crumbling in front of the big corporate law firm and so that they started negotiating so as not to go to the tribunal.  They settled out of court and reinstated me back to my original position.  His charges are very competitive and I will recommend him to anyone who is facing difficulties at work.  Please don't be scared about cost, just pick up the phone and talk to him and you will know what I mean.


J.M. Essex, March 2014


With all the stress that came after losing my job I was clueless about where I stood in terms of employment laws. Since day one Marc was always very helpful and professional never giving me false hope. Marc's knowledge is unquestionable and he was always enthusiastic about his work, thanks to this our tribunal was a success! Thanks again Marc for all your help. Highly recommend to anyone :)


J.C. Suffolk, February 2014


"Marc, you are an absolute gem and without your brilliance, without you, today the result would have been failure !!! Sorry for the following analogy: "If you were a racehorse, bookmakers would be going out of business."  Anyone looking for the best legal advisor, look NO further you have found him, Marc is your man !!!!!!!"


C.S. Lanchester, November 2013


"Thank you so much for your help and support, I think you're a very good solicitor and very supportive. I had lost hope where my trade union had given up on me and put me down so much, you gave me the courage to fight and we have won the case, all thanks to you. You have handled the case with full confidence and very professionally.  Thank you again for your help, I will definitely recommend you to others in the future. I hope for you all the best for the future.  Thank you."


A.G. Sussex, September 2013


"When I first found Marc I was clueless of what to do but he helped me every step of the way, made me understand more of what I should expect from work documents etc so now I go into further employment with good knowledge and understanding, he helped me get my case settled and informed me every step of the way and I am so grateful for this and never forget what he has done for me as my confidence going into a new job has risen highly! Thank you so much Marc, i would recommend you to anyone needing help! Many many thanks."


L.B. Cardiff, July 2013


"The first time I spoke with Marc on the telephone, he gave me hope.  I had a rough time losing my job.  He is a professional, though not detached; a people person, you might say.  I would like to have met Marc and watch him bring out the truth, at the tribunal.  One of the down sides to settling out of court, is that I did not get to do that.  Guess you can't have it all ways!  Well done Marc"


J.R. Aylesbury, July 2013


Thank you very much Marc, I'm extremely grateful for the advice- what a fab service this is.


K.D. facebook enquiry, May 2013


Having just spoken to Marc I can honestly say what a nice guy he is. Very helpful and understanding..i will be in touch soon. Many thanks


L.E. facebook enquiry, April 2013


Thank you you've helped a lot.  You've been great at helping me understand my rights a bit more. Thanks!! :-)


A.H. Nottingham, February 2013


Prior to your advice I felt so hopeless because of my status. Thanks again for all the advice. I have completed the form & sent it to the Human Resources department. I feel so empowered as a result of your advice. Thank you very much for your guidance.


T.T. London, February 2013


I am extremely satisfied with the service I received. It was quick and hassle free. All correspondence was clear & easy to understand. I would gladly recommend to others.


R.T. Boston, January 2013


Thank you for the swift and efficient way you won my case for unfair dismissal. I didn't do it for the extra money, but to remind the so called "educated people" that you don't have to have a degree to be treated fairly and just(ly) in this world, but to get excellent advice on employment law is paramount. Which they obviously didn't. Thank you for your belief and knowledge, and keeping me up to date with events. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who may have similar problems.


S.H. Boston, January 2013


Thank you for your time and patience, I appreciate the fact that you gave me unbiased answers.  I will come back if I ever have some more questions to be answered.


J.B. London, January 2013


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great job you have done over the past two days.  You have given me amazing support throughout the case. I am so pleased. I would not have won the case if you were not there and I now can't stop talking about these things!  I'm so delighted that the [respondent] has been dealt with thoroughly and that they will not do such things to people.  I'm also delighted that we have people like you in this world.


S.N. London, October 2012


"Thank you for a first class job you have done, with your knowledge and the time you spent with the case we won, you never doubted we would and when I was down and thought about giving up you were always there;  I never thought we would get the amount we did, you were spot on; I wish more people knew how good you are, you are Batman and Robin all in one - Thanks again."


A.D. Saffron Walden, November 2011


"Thank you for all your help, don't know what we would have done without you.  Many thanks."


J.R. Cambridge, October 2011


"Hello Marc, I have just checked my account and the funds from *** have been credited to my account.  Thank you very much indeed."


K.C. London, June 2011 


"I have recently been using Mr Marc Walker's services and found his work very good. Marc has been my lawyer in an employment related case and has proved, in my opinion, to be a very competent and professional individual who I would recommend to anyone having problems with their employers."


A.S. Cambridge, March 2011


"Thank you very much for your hard work"


A.J. Bedford, March 2011


"Hi Marc,
I want to write and thank you properly for your assistance in winning a settlement from my previous employer.  As you are aware, I had spoken to officials from ACAS, who initially were very helpful and did also agree, that the way the Company had made me redundant, was wrong, however they seemed very reluctant for me to take any further action.  I cannot express my emotion quite adequately, because for me, it was the principle. After 2 years service, in a small company, where I had been happy and had no idea that my job was in jeopardy until the day I went in and was told as of that moment I was redundant, I was completely devastated. Thank goodness I found you! From that very first telephone conversation, it was clear that you thought I had a case and gave me hope that they would could be held to account for their actions. The settlement was a bonus for me, as stated it was the principle, that what they had done, was wrong and unfair and I am so completely happy that they were held to account and had to pay a larger settlement figure than they would have had to pay me in redundancy, had they done it within the law.  Thank you Marc, not only for the financial gain but especially for the satisfaction I have, knowing that the Company now realise that workers do have rights and that they can be upheld!"


C.P. Dartford, October 2010


"I am truly grateful to you for taking my case to the Employment Tribunal.  From the beginning we were both aware it will not be easy to take on my previous employer as it is a big company represented by expensive city lawyers but your determination, confidence and hard work has really paid off.  I really appreciate that throughout the whole process you were realistic and open about our options and potential risks as well as costs involved.  Communication with you was very easy and you were always prompt to answer my questions and concerns.  When my employment was terminated I went through a very hard time, but the hardest pill to swallow was that I felt it was based on discrimination.  It felt horrible and I just wanted to forget about it, but I did not want them to get away with it as it would only encourage them to do the same to somebody else in the future.  The amount of money you negotiated with them truly over exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased with that.  I have just had a nice surprise when I checked my bank account as the payment has already come through!!!  I will be very happy to recommend your services to my friends."


V.K. Cambridge, June 2010


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  • Graham Dorrell (Thursday, June 29 17 12:02 pm BST)

    My wife has recently experienced a HCPC Tribunal. I would just like to express my sincere thanks to Marc for the excellent job he did in representing my Wife. At all times Marc was a true professional and had an ability to communicate with me at my level. The pressure Marc took off me was immense. Marc achieved the best outcome ever allowing my Wife to continue to pursue the career she has worked so hard for later in life. I too will be eternally grateful to Marc.
    Husband of JWD, Derbyshire June 2017

  • James Chestnut (Friday, February 14 14 09:29 am GMT)

    With all the stress that came after loosing my job I was clueless about where I stood in terms of employment laws. Since day one Marc was always very helpful and professional never giving me false
    hope. Marcs knowledge is unquestionable and he was always enthusiastic about his work, thanks to this our tribunal was a success! Thanks again Marc for all your help. Highly recommend to anyone :)