My list of current cases [September 2019]

False immigration status & dishonesty NMC
Failure to visit service users & dishonest recording HCPC
Breach of confidentiality HCPC
Dishonest mileage claims HCPC
Restoration application - criminal conviction - fraud NMC
Registration appeal - assault NMC
Medication errors/sleeping on duty NMC
Breach of confidentiality HCPC
Restoration application - incompetence NMC
Medication error & dishonesty


Restoration application - sexual assault NMC
Multiple incompetency matters NMC
Serious sexual misconduct HCPC
Inappropriate/intimidating language NMC
Breach of confidentiality/record keeping NMC
Multiple incompetency matters HCPC
Dishonest alteration of service records HCPC
Multiple incompetency matters NMC
Failure to carry out sexual abuse risk assessments HCPC
Multiple incompetency matters NMC
Inappropriate relationship with foster carer HCPC
Sonography incompetence HCPC
Restoration application - criminal conspiracy NMC
Failure to escalate to safeguarding NMC
Dishonesty to obtain employment NMC
Failure to provide care NMC
Medication errors/poor record keeping NMC
Assault and failure to provide care NMC
Registration appeal - unsuccessful revalidation NMC
Multiple medication errors & dishonesty NMC
Multiple incompetency matters NMC
Theft of medication NMC
Failure to respond to emergency call HCPC
Dishonest overtime claims NMC
Dishonest sick pay claims/working for 2nd employer NMC
Registration appeal - criminal investigation NMC
Dishonest medical assessment HCPC
Inadequate/dishonest record keeping HCPC

These cases give a snapshot of the work that I do.  See my case studies and blog for more information. If you have questions about a fitness to practice referral made (or about to be made) against you, please contact me on my Quick Query Form.