Clear fee structure

It is to everyone's advantage that you and I are
clear about what fees are to be paid.  I work as
cheaply as I can, but I'm not the CAB! 


Fees to suit you


If I agree to represent you, I will charge you:


  • a set percentage of damages or settlement won, or;

  • a fixed fee, paid in installments, or;

  • an hourly rate


If you just want support and advice during your
case, I will charge you:


  • a fixed fee per piece of work


Or if you just want some low cost employment law
information: ask me a question.


Free case assessment


Before I take your case on or offer you support and advice,I get the information from you I need in
order to advise you what, if anything, can be done.
I put emphasis on giving clear, no-nonsense legal advice; if I do not think you have reasonable
prospects of success, I will tell you.


Usually I do not charge you when gathering the
details of your case, and my initial advice may be
free. Sometimes, in order to advise fully it will be
necessary for me to read your documents.  Where there are a number of documents for me to read or your case is complex, I may (rarely) require a fee to
assess your case and I will let you know this.


To sum up:


  • I find out about your case - generally I ask you to send me your documents.  I usually do this for free;
  • I tell you what can be done with your case, what I can do and how much it will cost;
  • We agree to work together and you enter into a contract with me.  Payment is either fixed fee or no win no fee.



There are no hidden costs, I will be open with you and flexible as to your requirements at all stages.


Tell me all about your problems, and help me to
help you.

Example agreement
This is an example of the "no win no fee" agreement I commonly use. Fixed fee agreements will be drafted according to your individual circumstances.
Specimen CFA.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [187.5 KB]
Example client care letter
This is an example of the usual terms under which I provide my services. Agreements will be drafted according to your individual circumstances.
Letter of instruction and terms 9.02.16.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [203.0 KB]

More than just legal advice

When it comes to urgent legal matters, it takes more than specialist skill: smooth, swift delivery is also important. I offer practical services combined with my effective legal advice.


An overview of my services

  • rapid response within hours, not days

  • clear and concise legal advice

  • complimentary information

My aim is to give you swift and practical employment law advice as soon as possible.  I am a card-carrying
Blackberry addict, so even when I am not at my desk I am able to deal with your queries efficiently and quickly.


More about my services