Interviews under Caution

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Police interviews


​As a nurse, social worker, paramedic or other regulated professional, the police may want to investigate you about allegations made by your employer, patients or service users.


The police may leave a card at your address, or
tell your relatives/family that they want to speak
to you. 


Or the DWP or local authority may have written to you inviting you for an interview under caution, usually regarding a failure to declare income when claiming state benefits.


If the police or others want to interview you, you should be worried.  Your professional status is at risk. 


Criminal allegations lead to difficulties with DBS checks, problems with revalidation, fitness to practice proceedings by your regulator, and in some cases, criminal trials leading to convictions and sentences of imprisonment in the crown court.  


You should say nothing to police without taking proper legal advice.  You need to think defensively from the very first minute. 


Call me on 01223 803873, or contact me via my quick query form for a rapid response. I'm fully accredited to advise you in all interviews under caution.

"He gives you a fantastic 'voice' loud enough to be heard, understood and be taken seriously. He helps you succeed and puts your case and needs before money."


That's one of my happy clients speaking, a professional faced with an allegation that would have seriously damaged her career if not dealt with at the police station.  

Case Study - sexual assault


Recently, a professional asked me to represent them in relation to allegations of sexual assault against a child service user. The police had attended their parents' house in order to detain and interview them - however they were not at that address at that time.  Sensibly they sought immediate advice,  called me and I arranged attendance at the police station at a convenient time for us. I then attended the police station, and advised the client what to say and what not to say in the interviews that followed, including the preparation of a prepared written statement. 


After a long period of investigation, the CPS concluded that there was no case to answer and therefore no prosecution.  The alleged victim's parents and the police both appealed against this decision, but because our case had been prepared at interview stage with full knowledge of the CPS's approach to these matters, the appeals failed.


Furthermore, although DBS had been notified, as the police investigation ended with no prosecution, the client was not placed on a barred list and no adverse information was placed on her DBS reports.

"Marc is professional, proficient and proactive and we highly recommend his services. He is dedicated to his clients and he is so approachable and easy to talk to."


I handle everything & travel to you


I will handle everything, from calling the police
on your behalf to set up the interview, to advising
you exactly how to handle the interview to get the
best possible result. I will travel to wherever your

interview is taking place.


No offence is too serious - or too minor


Through my years of criminal law practice, I am
comfortable advising clients, wherever they are, in
interviews about allegations as serious as murder, or as minor as shop lifting. GBH, rape, fraud and drug supply are just some of matters I've dealt with many times over.


3000 interviews handled - experience counts


I recently calculated in how many interviews I have advised clients, and the total was in excess of 3000 - that is three thousand.  I am an expert in this area, tactically aware and fierce in my clients' defence.  Even police officers tell me that if they were in a hole, they would call on me for help.


Often the right representation at the interview stage, can mean the difference between a career wrecking criminal record and an unblemished professional status. Remember, police interviews are often the best opportunity for the police to get that incriminating evidence against you that they are missing - from your own mouth!  Answering questions in interviews under caution, whether you are innocent or guilty, should only be done in very specific circumstances.  


"He gives you a fantastic 'voice' loud enough to be heard, understood and be taken seriously. He helps you succeed and puts your case and needs before money."


I am aggressive in the defence of my professional and other clients' good character, and as even a criminal caution is a criminal record, I don't advise accepting one,unless absolutely necessary.


Value for money


If you are "well acquainted" with the police
interview process, then you may want a change from the usual, well-worn legal aid practitioner you
usually use.  Often, they will be getting paid as little as £70 to represent you - what sort of service would you expect for that sort of money?


Call me for a premium service on 01223 803873 or contact me using my quick query form. You will not be disappointed.