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You won't find pages of free advice and online content on my website: the Citizens Advice Bureau has that covered at this brilliant website.  For specific, one to one advice, simply CHAT LIVE with me at the bottom of the page, or use my QUICK QUERY FORM for quick answers to your employment questions.  


From grievance procedures to disciplinary hearings, unfair redundancy selection to disability discrimination and other forms of bullying, harassment, unfair treatment and discrimination at work: I support, advise and represent you in your employment law matters.


With the sensitivity required in this legal area, I work hard to ensure a reasonable, fair outcome in your best interests.


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I have years of experience in conducting employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal compensation, giving constructive dismissal advice, handling discrimination at work and breach of contract issues and in negotiating settlements and compromise agreements with employers.


I am well-versed in the particular needs of workers and in providing sensible employment law advice to employees about their rights at work.


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Additional issues


I can also represent you in the following areas

  •  breach of contract
  •  criminal litigation
  •  intellectual property
  •  contract negotiation

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