Interim order & final hearings


Wherever your hearing, I can represent you throughout at both interim and final adjudication hearings, at the latter closely questioning the NMC, SWE or HCPC witnesses for you and making persuasive submissions on your behalf at all stages.


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Advice & representation


If you are facing NMC, SWE or HCPC fitness to practise proceedings, you are probably feeling both upset and very worried; quite justifiably so.  As an example, in 20% of NMC cases that go through a full investigation, the case ends with the nurses or midwife being struck off the register, suspended or subject to conditions of practice*. 


Even if I am not able to attend your hearing, my advice can be the difference between being struck off the register, and keeping your PIN, as in the case of MA, who said afterwards:


"Thanks a lot, Marc.  I really must say your advice was spot on and really helped me with the case."


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I understand that your registration, and therefore your professional status and reputation is at stake. 


It is important that you understand the NMC, SWE and the HCPC approach to these matters. 


You need to take certain steps in order to preserve your registration, and those steps should be taken as soon as you get that letter. 


Early intervention is best


I advise nurses, midwives, biomedical scientists, paramedics, social workers and other registrants through the investigation process and represent you at interim and final hearings.  I support and counsel you throughout the process.


If you get advice early, it is often possible to prevent matters reaching a final hearing.  Think about it: in your work, isn't early intervention almost always better?


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*NMC Annual Report 2019-20