Compromise agreements

Don't just sign - get a better deal...

A familiar scenario: you are called into see your
boss, and told that your job is now redundant.  As
you are still reeling from the shock, your boss and
/or HR representative thrust a piece of paper into
your hands and tell you that, in so many words,
they want you to agree to go quietly.


What they have thrust into your hands, is a
compromise agreement (now called a settlement
agreement).  You can be sure that they will want
you to agree to go on terms that are most
favourable to them.


I negotiate the best package possible for you - to
put it another way, I get you more money, but also
advise you when it is better to stay and fight for
your job, or when you have a potential unfair
dismissal claim.


From senior management to the shop floor, I work in conjunction with a barrister, to boost your leaving package and smooth your exit.


Every word of the agreement will be checked.
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