Workplace issues

Wherever possible you should try to otain employment law advice well in advance. In this way you can head off issues before they arise and make sure that your ongoing requirements are being met, also well as protecting your position should you need to leave your employment behind.


I give advice fast in the following areas:

  • lodging a grievance
  • constructive dismissal
  • preparation for disciplinary hearings
  • disciplinary and grievance appeals
  • redundancy consultation, selection and appeals
  • sex, race, age, sexual orientation and disability discrimination at work
  • negotiation of termination packages
  • advising on compromise agreements
  • breach of contract and contract amendment

N.B. I'm going to add some case studies shortly [June 2017], so you can see what sort of cases I've dealt with recently.  In the meantime, just ask me.

If you have any questions, please call me on 01223 633383 or use my QUICK QUERY FORM.  Or you can chat with me live below.